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Well, we do not. But what we can set you up with are high quality weather stations, weather radios, and other useful weather gadgets.

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Monitoring the weather in your area has never been easier!

At, we don’t like surprises. There are very few variables in our day to day environment that we can actually control, and the more predictable things are, the better! Now, that’s especially true when it comes to the weather. 

Being obsessed with meteorology, we decided to start this site to help people find home weather stations and other weather-related products that make your daily life easier!

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Hi, I'm Mary Luzbetak

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I used to work sales for a company that distributed weather stations, and even though I haven’t done that job for almost a decade, I’m still passionate about all things related to meteorology and weather gadgets.

This website was created as a result, and I hope we can spread the love and get as many people using quality weather stations as possible!

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