AcuRite 01024M Weather Station Review

Looking for a weather station but swarmed with choices. Don’t know what to look for in a weather station? Here are our guide and review for AcuRite 01024M!

What are weather stations?

As the name suggests, it is a type of station that is used for displaying weather conditions. We usually utilize our mobile applications and home thermometers to see what is the weather like but there are two problems with them: Mobile applications gather data from a weather station that can be so far away from your home, they may not be accurate for your environment. Secondly, home thermometers only show the indoor temperature. So, we will not be able to know what the weather is like outside.

How can we solve these problems? Well, by building our own personalized weather stations. It became simpler and simpler thanks to technological developments. As an avid weather enthusiast, I have been trying many different weather stations no matter they are beginner level or professional ones.

Are weather stations only for people who want to learn about the weather in general? Not necessarily. The weather stations measure many different aspects of weather including atmospheric precipitation, wind direction and speed, rainfall, and solar radiation levels.

So, today we are going to review one that is in-between: The AcuRite 01024M.

AcuRite 01024M General Overview

AcuRite 01024M

Mark Twain once said, “Climate is what we expect, the weather is what we get”. Thanks to AcuRite, we can all know what we have and what we will get. Acurite’s 01024M price/performance ratio is amazing. It is quite affordable considering its extraordinary abilities.

When you unbox the pack, you will receive the outdoor sensor, an HD display unit, mounting pieces that allow you to install it as easily as possible, a stand on which you place your display unit, and a power adapter.

The components have a modern design and Acurite’s engineers must have spent long hours for ease of use. The whole system has an assembly time of half an hour. Its mounting brackets provide simplicity.

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In this part, we are going into detail and comment on AcuRite 01024M’s features.

HD Color Display Unit

The display unit is the face of the model and I should say that its design is new-fashioned. Everything looks well-organized and shows the data neatly. On the left-hand side, we have the outdoor conditions interface. Not only does it display the real temperature but also “feels like” temperature.

The next part is where it shows rain statistics. For example, if it is raining that day it shows the weekly, monthly, or yearly precipitation level.

Its unprecedented lightning sensor gives records of bolts of lightning in your region. It presents how many strikes there have been or how distant it was to your home. It is also on your home page.

There are other pages where you can see the graphs and charts of humidity, rainfall, or temperature. So, the display unit works as an all-in-one for your sensors.

The only downside I can say is that the display unit relies on the adapter and it can be problematic in times of severe weather conditions.


  • The modern design allows you to scroll through all data with convenience.
  • The lightning sensor is a great extra at such an affordable price.


  • The lack of a battery department as a backup is something that I would like to have to keep my historical records.

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Setting Up

It is as easy as pie to set up the device. All in all, it took me less than thirty minutes to mount the whole device. The prevalent problem among the weather stations is the hardships of establishing a connection between outdoor sensors and display units. However, this is no issue for AcuRite products. You simply turn on both devices and they automatically match each other.

When you turn on the device for the first time, the set-up mode opens. You first select a time zone, then choose if you want daylight saving time. Later on, you set the time and date. Then choose what kind of pressure units, temperature units, wind speed units, rainfall units, and so forth. These are basically metric or imperial units.

Pros and Cons

  • Compared to the other brands, AcuRite produces the best mounting pieces. It is a piece of cake.

Connection to mobile devices

AcuRite uses its own system called “My AcuRite”. In other words, you can simply connect your weather station to your computer, then, you will introduce yourself to a completely new world. My AcuRite unlocks many other graphics, backs up your data.

Technical Details

Its outdoor sensor comes with a thermometer for recording temperature. Then, there is the hygrometer for humidity. In addition to that, it employs a barometer to measure the barometric pressure. Wind vane and anemometer are there for wind speed and wind direction, respectively. There is a rain gauge for calculating rainfall. Lastly, there is the superstar of this model: A lightning detector.

Apart from its component, I would also like to point out the update cycles. Under normal conditions, the lightning detector records lightning data every 24 seconds. This speeds up to 8 seconds when there is a flash of lightning detected. Temperature information updates every 36 seconds just like the wind direction data. The updates in wind speed take about 18 seconds.

Just as a comparison, another weather station I own updates temperature every 15 seconds. So, I would like to criticize AcuRite 01024M for that. It could definitely be accelerated.


  • You don’t find many personal weather stations that have a lightning detector. It’s a great asset to have.


  • Even though it updates as often as it can, I think it can still be faster.

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To sum up, we definitely recommend the AcuRite 01024M. Are there better options? Of course, there are but they are much pricier. This price-performance monster gives you many records of various measurements.

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