AcuRite Atlas 01007M Weather Station Review

Are you interested in weather conditions professionally? Do you want to upgrade your weather station? Check out our review of the AcuRite 01007M weather station before deciding.

Ah, weather stations…

All of us check the weather conditions at least once a day. We want to see what is the weather like outside or check if it is going to rain or not. However, you can be a weather buff, as well. Have you ever seen an inaccurate weather report on your mobile application? I am sure many of us did.

Why does it happen? Because their stations are too far from ours. In fact, they would still be accurate if those stations were in your backyard.

Is a personal weather station only for weather hobbyists? No, not exactly. You might be interested in weather too but you might just try to learn the weather conditions or even better, you can teach your kids the weather terminology. I have to admit that this is a great hobby. I have been a weather enthusiast my whole life and I have been spending my spare time on this hobby for a bit of time. What I like the most is that I keep track of the historical data all the time. So, it allows me to see how the climate in my region is changing.

If you are interested in geography and weather, you might want to take up this hobby. So, after our review, the AcuRite Atlas 01007M can be your target!

About the AcuRite Atlas 01007M

AcuRite Atlas 01007M

AcuRite is a very well-known brand in the US weather station market and its model of 01007M is its finest product. It is for professional use and the company’s finest device.

Many people use it for their homes or for their gardens. With its detailed graphs and charts, it helps you protect your home. I mean, if you are living in a place where there is a risk of molding, this weather station sends you alerts as soon as the humidity level reaches a certain percentage. In a similar fashion, if you are living in a cold region, it will send you an alert to signal if your pipes are about to freeze out.

Similarly, it surely helps you in your greenhouse. It maximizes plant growth and ensures that your plants are healthy.

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The Display Unit of The AcuRite 01007M Weather Station

The display unit’s design is a great step forward compared to its other models. Its high-definition display utilizes vivid graphics, fancy icons, and a nicely colored touchscreen. It also dims after some time which strengthens its eco-friendly attitude.

Through the display unit, you can easily check the heat index, wind chill and the “Feels Like” temperature. It keeps records of highs and lows and charts other graphics. You can also program some alerts in order to learn about extreme conditions.

The only thing I did not like about the display unit is that we cannot tilt it.


  • The HD screen is a great advantage compared to other professional weather stations.
  • Lots of settings and configurations help you personalize your device.


  • HD display cannot tilt.

Connection to the outer world

The AcuRite 01007M’s transmission range from the outside sensor to your indoor display unit is up to 330 feet. It also connects to the internet as well with an Ethernet cable. I tell this because connecting your device to the internet opens up a new world. You can access AcuRite’s online system “My AcuRite” with your phone or your computer to see even more detailed charts, trends, graphs.

You will be able to share your data on “Weather Underground”. All you need to do is to enter your station ID and password and click “Add”. Then, you will establish the connection in seconds.


  • 330 feet is a really great transmission range.
  • Internet access and having a connection with other apps are surpluses.


  • The obligation to have an ethernet cable is a bit of a setback even though the package comes with an Ethernet cable.

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Technical Details of the AcuRite 01007M

It is the most accurate and durable weather station I have ever used. Its outdoor sensor array has many components in order to measure many different weather conditions. For example, one of the components is a thermometer to calculate the temperature. Secondly, the hygrometer is there for calculating humidity.

You can measure atmospheric pressure with its barometer. Wind can also be gauged with its wind vane and anemometer. These components measure the wind direction and speed, respectively.

Another component is a rain collector for learning about the precipitation levels in your region. A standard lightning sensor is great. Lastly, a UV sensor and a light intensity sensor complete the list.

However, a solar panel could be there to power up the outdoor sensor but the company chose not to rely on solar energy.

Setting up the outdoor sensor is easy. The pack contains a small mounting bracket however this is not enough. You need to have your own pole or you can buy one that AcuRite manufactures.


  • The setting up is as easy as it can be. Well, it takes less than an hour to set up the whole system.
  • A great variety of components helps you measure almost everything about the weather.


  • For the sake of the environment, it would be great to have solar panels. I think it can be the result of the fact that the company’s hometown is in Wisconsin, MI.

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Overall, if you want to own a great professional weather station, we definitely recommend it. It has great connectivity in general along with ease of use. You can set up many things in the display unit. I am glad that other people also love this product. Despite its price, it is in the top 20 weather stations list of Amazon with an average of 3.9 stars.

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