AMBIENT WEATHER WS-2902A Weather Station Review

Do you want to buy a weather station for your own and can’t decide which one? Here is our Ambient Weather WS-2902A review!

What is a weather station?

All of us have used meteorology applications at least once. Most of us just ask Google what the weather is like or have embedded weather apps on our mobile devices. All this information comes from weather stations built by authorities or private companies.

Thus, a weather station is basically a device that keeps track of current weather and forecasts future weather. These stations can be based on land or in the sea. What has to be in a proper weather station is a thermometer to measure temperature, a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure, a hygrometer to check humidity levels, an anemometer to measure wind speed, and a pyranometer to measure solid radiation.

Apart from large companies, you can have a weather station at your own house.

Why would you want to have a personal weather station?

When you check your application, you basically check the data of the closest weather station. No matter whether you live in a major city or a little town, these weather stations can be miles away from you. So, a personal weather station will give you the best results in learning the weather and forecasting what is coming.

What I learned in dealing with weather stations in time is that it is an awesome hobby. You start checking your station first thing in the morning and the last thing before sleeping. You try to read about meteorology as much as possible. So, apart from that being quite informative, it is quite an enjoyable time-consumer.

I also like this hobby of mine because it helps my kids learn about meteorology. They really enjoy observing the weather condition. They also like gaining information about weather terminology like air pressure, dew point or wind velocity.

If you want to learn more about a personal weather station, keep on reading our review of the Ambient Weather WS-2902A.


AMBIENT WEATHER WS-2902A weather station

Ambient Weather is one of the most famous brands in the weather station market. The company simply manufactures all the products that are related to weather forecasting. One of their good products is the Ambient Weather WS-2902A.

The WS-2902A model is very convenient in measuring the weather through its equipment, showing it in a user-friendly way in an LCD display console.

Console Features

The Ambient Weather WS-2902A’s console has an easy-to-read LCD display. It shows many things about the weather such as wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, outdoor temperature and humidity, solar UV, and radiation. In addition to these, it calculates the likes of the heat index and wind chill.

It also allows you to save real-time conditions, giving you the opportunity to check your own historical data later. It also shows the data both in imperial units and metric ones. In order to meet the power requirements, there is a 5V DC Adaptor but in case of a power outage, it is recommended that you keep 3 AAA batteries as a backup option.

The console also connects to the internet through Wi-Fi. Thanks to this, you can check your station’s data on your phone, tablet, or personal computer. However, one bad thing is that you need to have a phone with you for a connection. It could be easier if you did not need to keep your phone with you.


  • It has a colored LCD display
  • Its good range of weather information gives you all you need
  • It supports the imperial and metric units


  • The connection could be easier without the necessity to use a phone.

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Connection to the Ambient Weather Network

AMBIENT WEATHER WS-2902A Weather StationAmbient Weather makes it easier to monitor your data with its user-friendly design on the Ambient Weather Network. You can use your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet order to check your data with just one click or one tap.

There are dials, graphs, and text reports for every parameter including wind speed and direction, rainfall, UV and solar radiation. If you want to analyze these parameters, you can download them and start digging deep. The device also notifies you via e-mails or texts as soon as there are high and low conditions in those parameters.

In addition to that, you can increase your connection to the world by sharing your data in PWSWeather and Rachio.

If you are using Alexa voice support, you can synchronize your weather station with it. You simply say “Alexa, ask Ambient Weather for a weather report.” and Alexa will tell you what the weather is like. Just like Alexa, you can also ask your Google assistant.


  • The user interface is very simple to use and adjust.
  • Synchronization of other mobile devices is a great plus.

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Technical Details

The Osprey Sensor Array is an easy-to-mount piece of equipment with cool components. Its triangle shape helps not take up huge spaces. It has 7 components in total. The two edges of the triangle are designed for measuring winds. The first part is the wind vane and the second part is the wind speed cups. The wind vane is for deciding the direction while speed cups are for calculating speed.

The next part which is at right in the middle is a solar/UV light component. This simply gauges UV light and solar-light levels. The fourth part is a thermo-hygrometer in order to check temperature and humidity status. This part also has a Pagoda Radiation Shield so that it will not be affected.

The third edge of the array features the rain gauge. Rain gauges basically calculate the precipitation amount in a defined period of time. So, this will help you see rainfall in your area. The sixth part is the bubble level which makes sure that your device is exact horizontally placed.

The last part is the solar collector which collects heat for energy purposes. This is the main power source for the device but in case of limited solar power, you should have 2 AA batteries as a backup.

Lastly, if you need to mount it indoors, you should know that it has a narrower temperature range when compared to the outdoors temperature range.


  • The WS-2902 comes ready-made. You do not need to assemble anything.
  • It is environment-friendly. It does not consume much power and the primary power source is solar power.


  • The rain gauge is open to birds. They keep landing and distort the precision of the device.
  • You need to buy your own tripod.

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Good Customer Reviews on the Ambient Weather WS-2902A

The WS-2902A model has very good reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.4 stars. People usually appreciate the precision of the station and how often it updates. Another thing people talk up is that some people had problems with mounting but the manual explicitly explains everything thoroughly.

Apart from that, nowadays many of us have smart home applications like Alexa or Google Assistant. People usually liked this feature and praised its efficiency. The device updates itself every 15 seconds so compared to other weather stations; it is quite fast-working.

Personally, I liked the device as soon as I unboxed it. Even though I consider myself a handy person, it is of great relief to see it Is preassembled for people who are not very used to putting things together. Seeing on the Amazon review page that a good number of people who just bought and did not have previous experience with weather stations enjoyed this reinstated my thought.

Customer Reviews of the Ambient Weather WS-2902A

Some customers criticized it for poor signal reliability. I did not have such a problem on my own but a customer sta that the communication link had fallen and stopped sending signals to the display unit. He also stated that it stopped the signaling; however, it just started to work again as if nothing had happened.

As I mentioned before, people also disliked the idea of having an Android phone for connection. Yes, almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays but still, their versions and the WS-2902A’s required version may not match each other. So, the connection stands as a minor problem here.

To sum up, I believe it is a good weather station overall. Does it have downsides? Sure thing. Yet, advantages, in general, outplay the disadvantages.

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