Atomic Clock Weather Stations

If you’re looking for an atomic clock weather station, then read this article to learn which features to look for. This article will cover the Newentor 308-1414B-INT, La Crosse 308-1414B-INT, and Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA-BK. Listed below are their features and specifications. Read on to learn more about these and many other great products. Hopefully you’ll find the one you need to keep your home safe from the elements.

La Crosse 308-1414B-INT

This full-color display provides you with current temperatures, humidity, and the forecast for the next several days. This station also includes automatic DST updates and accurate self-set atomic time. You’ll also appreciate the data collected from the station’s temperature and humidity recorder, which records dew point and heat index. In addition, this unit also indicates low battery and reception strength.

Unlike most atomic clocks, this model includes three sensors. This allows it to monitor humidity levels in four locations around the home and provide a 12-hour forecast. This model also tracks specific weather-related variables such as barometric pressure and temperature. It also comes with dual alarms, allowing you to set different wake-up times. This is a good option for anyone who wants to monitor the weather at their own pace and not have to worry about the time clashing with a partner or spouse.

This La Crosse 308-1414B-INT atomic clock weather station comes with a compact manual. It can be placed on a desk or mounted on a wall. Its self-learning and calibration feature allows it to give you accurate forecasts for the next twelve to twenty-four hours. The La Crosse 308-1414B-INT atomic clock weather station requires 2 AA batteries for the display and three for the sensor. It also does not come with a backlight, so you must keep batteries handy.

This La Crosse 308-1414B-INT atomic clock weather station has a sensor that sends data 330 feet away from the device. Its extra-large display includes fourteen different icons. In addition, the slim profile makes it easy to store in a closet. And the unit is easy to read thanks to the easy-to-read color display and adjustable brightness.

A 4.5-inch color LCD screen shows the current temperature, humidity, and forecast for up to four locations at once. There are labels included for marking locations for easy reference. The station supports four different time zones, letting you choose the most convenient time zone according to your location. Unlike most other weather stations, this one can operate on AA batteries. It’s recommended that you install the battery yourself, but many weather stations don’t come with them.

Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA-BK

The Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA-BLK atomic clock weather station is a wireless meter for outdoor use. Its sensor features an effective transmission range of 100 feet. It also displays a temperature trend arrow. Users can also choose to monitor multiple locations. Its wireless weather station features an ice warning alarm and a heat index reading based on outdoor temperature.

Newentor 308-1414B-INT

The Newentor 308-1414B-INS atomic clock weather station provides a wealth of useful information on the weather. It can be set to display indoor and outdoor temperatures, dew point, humidity, calendar and atmospheric pressure. In addition, this device features dual alarms with snooze functions. This device is also suitable for homes without a power source or other wiring.

The Newantor 308-1414B-INT possesses many features that make it a great investment for your home. Among the top features of this device include its self-setting display with 12/24 hours and automatic daylight saving reset. Unfortunately, this device does not include two AA batteries, but other features make up for this shortcoming. Overall, this is one of the best atomic clock weather stations on the market.

This product features a 4.5-inch LCD screen for easy reading of temperature and weather patterns. Additionally, it features a mold alert. It can monitor both indoor and outdoor temperatures and can be mounted on a desk or wall. Its self-learning and calibrating system allows it to provide accurate weather forecasts for the next 12 to twenty-four hours. The device requires two AA batteries to power its display, and three AA batteries for its sensor. It does not have a backlight feature, so users will have to buy batteries separately.

Besides the calendar and humidity functions, the atomic clock also includes a temperature and humidity trend arrow. The LCD can be adjusted for brightness and can display information for both indoor and outdoor areas. The device also features built-in wireless sensors for detecting outdoor humidity and temperature. You can even set a different alarm for weekdays and weekends. This makes this atomic clock weather station even more convenient to use!

With a calendar and a built-in atomic clock, this unit can monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures. It features dual alarms and two power modes. The display turns off automatically after fifteen seconds if inactivity is detected, but when the unit is connected to a power adapter, it stays lit. The remote sensor can be placed 60m away, depending on the type of power source.

The La Crosse Technology Wireless Weather Station is equipped with an indoor/outdoor temperature sensor and humidity monitor. This device also has customizable alerts, a 24-hour historical graph, and seasonal foliage background. The La Crosse Technology Weather Station is based in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It has a one-year warranty. For more information, visit its website. While shopping for a weather station, remember to make a list of the features you want and then compare the prices.