Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

As the name suggests an outdoor indoor thermometer measures the temperature of internal as well as external environments, simultaneously. By using this device, a person sitting in the comfort of their room can figure out the temperature outside. The need to leave their home would not be required.

In addition, these digital devices are also kept in cars and buses, etc. They are useful especially for vehicles involved in removing snow during harsh winters. In addition, engineers involved in building works can utilize this compact machine to figure out the temperature inside a certain compound.

What’s Special About Indoor Outdoor Thermometer?

The sensors used in these electronic digital wireless thermometers are of different types. These thermometers are available in most stores or can be ordered online. The majority of these indoor-outdoor thermometers are wireless. They do not need to be connected to the sensor by means of a wire or cable that is kept outside. Only batteries are needed for the sensor to operate efficiently.

Another major use of this weather gadget can be when you’re out in a remote area. At such places, your phone reception may not always be available. However, if you have an indoor-outdoor thermometer, then you wouldn’t need your phone to check the weather, to begin with. All in all, there are a variety of uses of this thermometer, especially for travelers, which is one of the reasons that it is a must-have.

With that said, finding the best indoor outdoor thermometer can nonetheless be difficult for those who do not possess much knowledge about them. When it comes to buying one, there are a variety of factors that you must keep in mind. And if you do not have any prior experience, then it may be a challenge. Thus, we have compiled a guide to make things much easier for you.

1. Taylor Precision Products 6700 Big & Bold Wall Thermometer

This fantastic thermometer is ideal for people who take a keen interest in outdoor activities like gardening and the likes. It has an amazing exterior look with a smooth and sleek bezel frame allowing it to fit into any style of décor whether that is outdoor or indoor. It can be hung on the wall with the aid of a screw or nail. In addition, the thermometer offers a 13.25-inch display which enables visibility from a far-off distance. Therefore, it can be placed in an outdoor kitchen.

The lens of the digital wireless thermometer is of top-notch quality as it is shatterproof. It has the ability to provide proper visibility even in harsh weather and tough conditions. Moreover, it is resistant to water and stains, hence it will not cause any issue in rainy weather. The thermometer comes with the option of displaying the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit so that the user can easily choose which option he/she finds suitable.


  • Resistant to water
  • Resistant to weather
  • A great quality lens that won’t break
  • Provides temperature in two formats (F/C)
  • Provides visibility from far off distance


  • Only available in the color black

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2. SMARTRO SC92 Professional Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The SMARTRO SC92 Professional Indoor Outdoor Thermometer comes with a great quality Sensor that displays the temperature and humidity of the environment. The sensor of this amazing thermometer was created in Switzerland. It provides the accuracy of mean readings which are within 0.5F (or -0.5F) and 2% or -2% RH. Irrespective of the weather conditions whether that be extremely hot, cold, or even humid, this thermometer will present readings with precision. In addition, the humidity gauge sensors have been verified by a top aerospace research center present in Asia. This thermometer keeps checking the level of humidity and temperature after a period of 10 seconds.

This amazing indoor-outdoor digital wireless thermometer comes with the option of connecting with three other wireless sensors. Hence, the user can keep track of his/her surroundings with the aid of this device. Although the thermometer comes with one sensor only it allows connection among devices which (i.e. its transmission range) can be 200ft away from each other.

The SMARTRO SC92 thermometer comes with a large display to monitor and showcase the level of humidity and temperature. It has a 3.5” HD screen and a backlight so that visibility does not become an issue. Moreover, light is power-saving. The device can be placed practically anywhere the user deems fit as it comes with a set of magnets, a wall-mount and a stand.


  • Extraordinary Swiss sensor of impeccable quality
  • A big display provides great visibility
  • Can be connected to 3 other sensors


  • Built-in magnet makes it hard to turn on the backlight

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3. La Crosse Technology C85845-1 Color Wireless Forecast Station

The Wireless Color Weather Station presents accurate temperature levels of the weather. The level of brightness of the display can be changed according to one’s preference. This device does a great job of analyzing the humidity and temperature levels of the surroundings. The sensor used in this device is weather resistant. In addition, there is a backlight that can be adjusted but only with the usage of a 5V adapter.

An alarm can be set which comes with the option of snooze. Moreover, alerts are sent if the humidity or temperature level reaches a certain point. The indoor-outdoor digital wireless device can be mounted onto a wall or it can be placed on a table with the help of a stand that is provided. Also, the time is presented in 12/24 hour mode. It comes with seven US time zone options. The transmission range of this device goes up to 330 ft with no hindrances. In order to operate this device, two AA batteries are required which aren’t included.


  • Weather-resistant sensor
  • The alarm can be set
  • Comes with a stand and can be mounted on a wall
  • The transmission range is 330 ft


  • Backlight can only be adjusted with the help of a 5V adapter

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4. AcuRite 00424CA Digital Thermometer

The AcuRite 00424CA Digital Thermometer is excellent at recording outdoor and indoor temperature on a daily basis. Moreover, it records the spikes and lows which tend to occur in the environment. The spikes refer to the high temperatures recorded and the lows refer to the lowest temperature measured. This is portrayed with the help of temperature arrows. The arrows help to determine the temperature that is recorded in Celsius.

The sensor is resistant to all types of harsh weather. The dimensions of the sensor are 0.9 inches in depth, 1.6 inches wide, and 4.8inches in length. The range of transmission of this device is 165 feet which is 50 meters. The temperature is constantly checked after intervals of 30 seconds with the aid of a 433 MHz wireless signal.

There is a wireless signal strength indicator that helps to allocate the best possible position to place the device where signals are available. This device can be installed without any hassle as it is wireless. It can be hung on a wall as it comes with a hanger or be placed on a desk. It has a smart and simple design. Moreover, there is a warranty of up to one year. The AcuRite digital thermometers utilize sensors that derive the exact temperature from the user’s surroundings. They present the temperature according to the user’s locality.

Four AA batteries are needed for this machine to operate. The big display offers awesome visibility. The display has a depth of 1.4 inches, it is 2.5 inches wide and 4.3 inches in length. Its weight is 7.4 ounces. The temperature range of the indoor sensor is 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature range of the outdoor sensor is -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Sleek outlook and design
  • Wireless device
  • Weather-resistant sensor
  • Warranty of one year
  • The transmission range is 165 feet or 50 meters


  • Does not have a backlight

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5. Wittime Latest 2079 Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The Wittime Latest 2079 Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer has an extremely stylish look. It can be utilized as décor in any kind of setting. Also, it can be gifted to somebody as a present on any special occasion. This device is capable of measuring indoor temperature and humidity. However, it can only record the outdoor temperature and not the level of humidity. The device has a sensor that accurately records the level of humidity and temperature. The interval of error for temperature is ±0.4F and for humidity is two percent only.

There is excellent visibility even from a far-off distance due to the bold HD display of the wireless indoor outdoor thermometer. In addition to this, the colors present to make the readings of the thermometer more prominent. Also, as the device is wireless it can be placed pretty much anywhere.

This spectacular indoor-outdoor wireless digital thermometer has the ability to determine the temperature by checking the pressure in the environment. It is able to perform this function with the help of a pressure sensor. The transmission range of this wireless device is up to 328 ft. so it does a great job at tracking the situation of the weather. Moreover, the warranty for this wireless indoor outdoor thermometer is up to twelve months i.e. one year.


  • Monitors temperature and the humidity levels
  • Comes with batteries
  • Wireless device
  • The user manual is provided


  • Do not record the level of humidity outdoors.

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6. BALDR Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

The BALDR Wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer has an LCD screen which is 2.5 inches. The bold screen display allows the user to read the temperature from varying distances without issues. In addition, the readings measure the outdoor and indoor temperature only to avoid clutter and to present the necessary information only.

The temperature limit outdoors is -30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius and for indoors it is 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. Unlike usual thermometers, this wireless device has a circular exterior and a compact body. Its stylish outlook makes it the perfect fit for indoor as well as outdoor home decor. It weighs 3.98 ounces.

As the indoor-outdoor digital thermometer is wireless, it can be placed in any location deemed worthy by the user whether that be outside or inside. The BALDR wireless indoor outdoor thermometer records the changes in temperature throughout the day. Moreover, it also keeps track of the lowest and highest temperatures attained outdoor within a span of 24 hours. Apart from this, an alert pops up when the batteries have to be replaced by displaying the low power of the sensor and unit.

The thermometer can be hung on a wall with the help of the hang hole or it can be placed on a table or desk by pulling out the stand from the back of the unit. Either way can be implemented as desired by the user. Two AAA batteries (each) are needed for the main unit and the sensor to operate. However, they aren’t provided with the BALDR wireless indoor outdoor thermometer.


  • Circular and compact design
  • Alert pops up to change batteries
  • Readings visible from a distance


  • Batteries aren’t provided

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7. ELEGIANT Wireless Weather Station, Digital Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The ELEGIANT wireless digital indoor outdoor thermometer is a marvelous device with many functions. It also serves as an alarm clock. A snooze button is present on top of the device. Once the alarm rings and the button is pressed then the snooze mode is set. This mode can last the duration of time ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour. It is up to the user to set the time. Moreover, this amazing wireless thermometer comes with two USB ports which can be used to charge all kinds of electronic devices like mobiles, etc.

The ELEGIANT wireless digital indoor outdoor thermometer can present the external and internal temperature and humidity with precision. This information can be presented in either degree Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit. Also, this device can predict the weather forecast for the next 6 to 24 hours by checking the change in pressure. This also applies to the phases of the moon as well, in the night.

This device also offers the option of selecting the desired city to yield the best possible estimates of temperature and humidity. Once selected, the time will be displayed automatically without manually doing so. As a result, the time the sun sets and rises will be displayed on the screen. The user can read the data presented in his/her language of choice.

The languages available are French, English, Danish, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch. The LCD-colored screen has a backlight that can be turned on by pressing the button on top of the device. In addition, the readings on the display screen can be deciphered even in the dark due to the white night light.


  • Sensor for outdoors
  • An AC power adapter is included
  • The user manual is provided
  • Functions as an alarm clock too
  • Glows in the dark
  • Comes with the USB charging port


  • The LCD display is only visible at eye level.

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8. LittleGood 5″ Indoor Outdoor Hygrometer/Thermometer

The indoor-outdoor hygrometer has a diameter of 5 inches which makes it easy for the user to read the level of temperature and humidity displayed. Its compact size allows it to be placed anywhere inside the house or outside as visibility will not be an issue. It is a good choice to give somebody as a present. This device measures temperature between the range of 30 degrees Celsius to -50 degrees Celsius and it measures the humidity level between 1-99% RH.

As it is wireless it does not have to be placed near a switch. It can be hung on a wall easily due to its sleek design and it can also be placed on a flat surface. The wireless digital device comes with an aluminum stand so it can be kept inside the house to record the level of air humidity. This device can be placed in any room whether that is the lounge, dining room, or even bedroom.

As for the outdoors, it can be kept on the balcony or patio too. Also, it is very important to record the level of humidity as somebody in the house may be suffering from difficulties in breathing, allergies, breathing illnesses, etc. Hence, it is necessary to keep a record of the humidity trend in the house so that there is sufficient moisture.

The indoor-outdoor digital wireless hygrometer thermometer does not require batteries to operate which makes it a sustainable product that isn’t harming the environment. It can be given to somebody as a present on a special occasion. The exterior of this device has a very sleek and stylish design as it comprises of stainless steel with a variety of colors and a glass board as well. Hence, it can be used as decor indoors or outdoors as desired.


  • Does not require batteries
  • Warranty of 18 months
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Compact design


  • The readings might be a bit off

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9. BOEESPAT 2-Pack Mini Indoor Thermometer

The BOEESPAT indoor outdoor hygrometer thermometer can accurately measure temperature between -20 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius. It can record levels of humidity ranging from 1 to 99 percent RH.

There are hooks situated and on the back of the device which enables it to be hung on walls and it can be placed on flat surfaces too as there is a stand provided too. This indoor-outdoor digital wireless device can be kept in the greenhouse, the cigar room, plant house, or even an incubator to record the level of temperature and humidity.

The BOEESPAT indoor outdoor digital wireless hygrometer is made up of a plastic case and is structured with copper. This means that it will not rust hence there is no need to take stress or tension regarding that matter.

The product will work just fine. As it is wireless it can be mounted on a wall outdoors like in the garden area, patio, barn, or indoors inside the cigar room, etc. Also, it can be placed on a desk or tabletop as well. This can be placed pretty much anywhere to record the level of humidity in the surroundings.


  • Hooks provided so it can be hung on a wall
  • Records temperature between -20 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius
  • Records humidity from between 1-99% RH


  • Slight inaccuracy in readings

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In conclusion, an indoor-outdoor digital wireless thermometer is an extremely useful device. It easily displays the levels of humidity and temperature of the surroundings. Irrespective of the condition of the weather this device will do its job.  Whether it is too cold and harsh outside or hot and humid, this digital device will do an impeccable job at portraying the desired information.

There are many different options to choose from which are easily available in the market. Moreover, there are many options in the kinds of designs and shapes the user wants the indoor-outdoor thermometer to be in. This provides the user with the liberty of choosing the most suitable design which will fit in with the decor. An indoor-outdoor digital wireless thermometer can be placed in any setting. It can blend in with indoor as well as outdoor decorum.

The majority of indoor-outdoor digital thermometers require AA batteries to function properly. This means there is no need to constantly charge the device every now and then. Changing the battery once in a blue moon when needed, will do the job. As these indoor-outdoor digital thermometers are wireless it can be mounted on any wall in the house. Moreover, it can be placed on a flat surface like a tabletop or desk. Either way, the option to integrate this digital wireless device into your homes can be done easily.