Rachio Gen 2 vs Gen 3

The world is looking for smarter solutions for things every day. So it does not come as a surprise that the sprinkler system you use can also be smart. The Rachio line of smart water sprinkler system for your lawns is exactly that. But as years pass, technology becomes better, so Rachio Gen 1 was […]

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Best Rain Gauge

A rain gauge is a perfect device to gift to somebody who is a gardening enthusiast. People who spend loads of time outdoors in their garden or lawn would really appreciate this as a present. A rain gauge records the amount of precipitation and rainfall that fell over a certain period of time. Some of

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Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

As the name suggests an outdoor indoor thermometer measures the temperature of internal as well as external environments, simultaneously. By using this device, a person sitting in the comfort of their room can figure out the temperature outside. The need to leave their home would not be required. In addition, these digital devices are also

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