Thermopro TP65 Review

Keeping track of humidity and moisture in your home is a must. Low humidity levels can potentially cause damage to your furniture and leave you dealing with thousands of dollars of loss. However, a hygrometer is a simple investment that can help you avoid a world of trouble and save plenty of money. In case

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Stratus Rain Gauge Review

All year round, different areas around the world get different amounts of rainfall. Since water is one of the most important natural resources for humans, this rainfall can be a determining factor for many things. Not only can this knowledge help make forecasting more effective, but it is also essential for farmers and gardeners to

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Sangean MMR 88 Review

Keeping a track of the weather is essential, especially if you are going out. Before heading out for a regular day at work, you can check the weather through your phone. However, if you are going camping, then you might need a more reliable source. For starters, phones cannot provide accurate weather readings. Moreover, you

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Rachio Gen 2 vs Gen 3

The world is looking for smarter solutions for things every day. So it does not come as a surprise that the sprinkler system you use can also be smart. The Rachio line of smart water sprinkler system for your lawns is exactly that. But as years pass, technology becomes better, so Rachio Gen 1 was

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Midland WR300 Weather Radio Review

The biggest issue for some people who are heading out to start their day is “today’s weather”. People carry their umbrellas everywhere in many parts of the world. Furthermore, they do that regardless of what the weather forecast is that day. Because they don’t let their guard down and stay prepared. If you are severely

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