Weather Radios

Hand Crank Radio For Emergency Use

If you’re in need of a hand crank radio for emergencies, consider these 4 options. They’re portable, solar, battery-powered, and hand-crank powered. In case of an emergency, the flashlights come in handy as well, and have multiple power sources: solar, hand-crank, USB, and battery. Each one offers a different feature, such as SOS alerts or

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Hallicrafters Shortwave Radio

The history of Hallicrafters shortwave radio is a fascinating one. The company has released several models, including the SX-71, which was a 5 band communications receiver and mobile HF station. The S-120, a general coverage receiver, was also manufactured, and it had a voltage regulator for its critical oscillator voltage. These radios were designed to

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Where to Get Weather Updates

You might be wondering where to get the latest weather updates. While you can tune into your local radio stations, you might want to check out other ways to get weather updates. Among them are the NOAA weather band stations or weather alert radio channels. Alternatively, you can get updates from other devices, such as

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What Are Shortwave Radios?

When considering a new radio, it’s important to know what features they have and what your options are. We’ll go over the different types, from Tecsun to Sony, and what features they have to offer. Then we’ll go over some shortwave radio basics and how they can benefit your listening experience. If you’re considering a

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Sangean MMR 88 Review

Keeping a track of the weather is essential, especially if you are going out. Before heading out for a regular day at work, you can check the weather through your phone. However, if you are going camping, then you might need a more reliable source. For starters, phones cannot provide accurate weather readings. Moreover, you

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Midland WR300 Weather Radio Review

The biggest issue for some people who are heading out to start their day is “today’s weather”. People carry their umbrellas everywhere in many parts of the world. Furthermore, they do that regardless of what the weather forecast is that day. Because they don’t let their guard down and stay prepared. If you are severely

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Midland WR120 Review

Is weather a big concern for you? Do you live in a state that is affected by a lot of storms and rain? It is never too early to be prepared for such weather conditions. Having a weather radio is the smartest idea since it can give you forecasts. And that is even if you

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