La Crosse Rain Gauge

A La Crosse rain gauge is an excellent choice for any garden or lawn. This large plastic gauge can measure rainwater up to 300 feet away from the indoor module. It is highly durable and can withstand rough weather. It comes with two AAA batteries and is compatible with Alexa and other smart home devices. If you want to automate your sprinklers during the rainy season, this rain gauge can do just that. Whether you want to control your sprinklers manually or automate their shut-off with a voice command, you can install the La Crosse rain gauge to keep track of the rainfall.

Stratus RG200 Professional Rain and Snow Gauge

The Stratus RG200 Professional Rain and Sleet Gauge for La Crosse measures up to six inches of rain and has large numbers on its front. It is mounted to a fence post or deck and is simple to clean. The sizing container makes it easy to read even from a distance. The water-resistant case means the gauge can withstand rough weather. The water-resistant casing is easily removed for cleaning and the gauge slides out of its mount. Though it has a weak accuracy, it is a useful product in situations where there is no stake to hang it.

Stratus makes the RG200 Professional Rain and Snow Gauge affordable and easy to use. The device measures precipitation to the last one hundredth of an inch. It’s also made to meet US Weather Bureau standards. It’s simple to install and has a Quick Connect feature that allows you to attach it to a post in seconds. The polycarbonate material makes it tough and anti-rust.

The Stratus RG200 Professional Rain and Sleet Gauge is manufactured according to official United States Weather Bureau standards. It is made of heavy-duty UV-resistant polycarbonate that resists fading and corroding. The gauge also comes with mounting hardware but no mounting post is included. It can be free-standing. Due to its plastic construction, it may tip over when wet.

EZRead Jumbo Sapphire Rain Gauge by Headwind

The EZRead Jumbo Sapphire Rain Gauge is an excellent rain measurement instrument that features a large yellow scale and a convenient floating indicator that is easily read from a distance. This rain gauge is made of plastic and has a funnel design so that no debris enters the tube. It comes with a ground stake and a mounting kit for a fence. You can even use this rain gauge as a garden hose when it’s wet, since the funnel prevents water and other debris from entering the measuring tube.

Waterfall Rain Gauge by La Crosse Technology(r)

With an innovative slide-on / slide-off bracket, the McCORMICK 705-109 Waterfall Rain Gauge is easy to use and mounts easily on a deck, fence rail, or stake. It measures the amount of rainfall you can expect in your backyard in 15cm increments. The LCD display provides you with a detailed reading for easy comparison. Easily read the gauge’s readings in minutes and use it to set your sprinklers and water your lawn.

A manual rain gauge requires you to empty the bucket after every rainfall. However, the Waterfall Rain Gauge by La Crosse Technology is a fully calibrated gauge that can accurately measure rainfall in inches. It measures the rainfall amount by measuring the depth of water that hits the ground. An inch of rain represents one inch of water if it did not get absorbed. The gauge measures the amount of water that falls in your yard every day.

The design of the Waterfall Rain Gauge by La Crosse is inspired by a cascading waterfall. It has large digits, clear measurement lines, and a red floating rain level marker. The Waterfall Rain Gauge is easy to mount on a deck railing, fence, or stake. Its clear rain-collection vessel is easy to clean and empty. The device is available in several colors and is incredibly easy to install.

Large Plastic Rain Gauge by La Crosse Technology(r)

The Large Plastic Rain Gauge by La Crosse is a practical, accurate, and reliable rain gauge for homeowners in areas with high rainfall. It measures the amount of rain that has fallen in one inch increments and is suitable for homes in low-lying areas. The gauge is easy to read and is a good choice for low-lying areas. For more information about the size of this gauge, read the user manual carefully.

The semi-circular opening on the AcuRite Easy-Read rain gauge magnifies the printed measurement lines by 35% so that you can read the amount of rainfall even from a distance. The lower price may be attractive, but there are some disadvantages to buying a cheaper rain gauge. The error of measurements is much larger during heavier rain storms, so the accuracy will be affected. In wetter areas, this could be a problem.

The Large Plastic Rain Gauge by La Crosse can measure rainfall in your backyard. It measures up to 5 inches of rainfall. It features a magnifying acrylic and high contrast white letters on a dark background. It can be mounted on a fence post, a deck railing, or the ground. The large design makes it easy to read even in low-light conditions. There is also an option for outdoor installations where the unit is permanently fixed.

Stratus RG200

The Stratus RG200 la Crosse rainfall gauge measures rain to the one hundredth of an inch, is certified by the National Weather Service and is part of the CoCoRAHS network. This gauge is easy to install on your post and comes with a mounting bracket so you can easily remove it for cleaning. It is made of durable polycarbonate with no metal parts, so it is anti-rust. It is an excellent choice if you want a rain gauge that will measure both snow and rain.

This model comes with a cascading waterfall design and extra-large digits and clear measurement lines. The red rain level marker allows you to read the readings even when you are far away from the instrument. This model has a stake-less design that can be mounted on a fence or deck. It can measure up to six inches of rain. Its accuracy is poor but it is useful in cases where there is no stake to mount it on the wall.

The Stratus RG200 la Crosse rainfall gauge is made of high-impact, UV-protected plastic that is resistant to fading and rust. It is designed to last for many years and requires minimal care. It can be installed by anyone with a drill. Because it’s made of polycarbonate, this gauge does not need a mounting post. It can stand free-standing, though be aware that it is not designed to be permanently mounted.

Stratus RG200 with Indoor Temperature

The Stratus RG200 Professional Rain and Snow Gauge has the highest precision of all analog models on the market. It measures up to 11 inches of rain and snow and comes with an inner measuring tube that is graded to 1/100 of an inch. Its removable funnel and Quick Connect bracket help you mount the rain gauge anywhere on your property. It is also water-resistant and can be used to monitor indoor temperatures as well.

The indoor unit provides data in inches or millimeters. It also has a flood-watch alarm. Its signal is powerful enough to transmit up to 100 feet from its outdoor component. It also is designed to remain in place throughout the elements. It may not withstand excessive heat or direct sunlight, though. If you live in an area that gets extreme temperatures, you might want to consider purchasing an indoor unit.

The Stratus RG200 has an automatic rain bucket that automatically empties itself when it is full. This feature allows you to accurately measure the amount of rain without constantly moving the gauge. It also has internal tilting cups to ensure you get the correct reading. You can use it for fun and professional purposes. You can even buy a separate temperature gauge that tracks the temperature inside your home.