La Crosse Technology C85845 Review

Have you decided to buy a weather station but are you swamped with options? Do not decide before reading our La Crosse Technology C85845 review!

What do you think of the weather applications on your phone or tablet? How about when you ask Google? Do you know how they tell you what the temperature is? Well, some companies build weather stations all around the country to tell you what the weather is like. However, they are not always accurate.

The reason they may be erroneous is simple. Every company has a limited number of stations so when you text “What is the weather like in Tampa?” on Google, it automatically shows you the closest weather station’s data.  However, there is a way to know the correct weather in your backyard.

How can you make it correct all the time?

The answer is not a complicated one. You build one for yourself. There are many weather station brands in the market but I think La Crosse Technology manufactures one of the best price/performance ratio stations.

Here, we are going to give you a detailed review of the La Crosse Technology C85845.

La Crosse Technology C85845

La Crosse Technology C85845

The C85845 display unit is one of the simplest among the weather stations. Its simplicity helps everyone learn and read about the weather. On the left-hand side, you can read the data collected by the sensors outside while the right-hand side information gives you the reports indoors. It displays both the temperature and humidity as a default. La Crosse Technology is aware of the fact that not everyone may know about the standard humidity levels so they placed a scale showing if it can be considered as “Dry, Good or Humid”

You should note that this model is a good starter device. So, if you have a kid who is interested in meteorology, this product might be for you!


  • Simplicity is the motto of this weather station.
  • It does what it promises to do.


  • If you are a seasoned weather station hobbyist/professional, this will be too basic for you

The Display Unit of the La Crosse Technology C85845

La Crosse Technology C85845The tablet is a simple tool to use and plain to connect and set. It can handily connect to the sensor which you locate outside. The display unit is smoothly configurable. For instance, you can set the backlight as you wish. You can brighten it up or use it in an energy-saver mode. Even totally turn it off to spare more energy if you want.

You can set an alarm through the tablet menu. That means, it will be buzzing an alarm as soon as it reaches the temperature or humidity level you preset. It also demonstrates the temperature trends if it is in an increasing trend or a decreasing one.

Apart from that, on top of the tablet, there are some buttons that add more options. You can enable or disable the automatic daylight savings time resets. It covers seven USA time zones from Atlantic to Hawaiian.

On the screen, icons show the signal strength it receives, the battery level, and the atomic reception indicator.

One bad thing is that its transmission. They say it receives signals from its outdoor sensors as far as 300 ft but it has some specific problems with going through concrete buildings.

Finally, if you want to hang it on a wall, you can do it. However, it can also stand on a desk or table thanks to its kick-out leg stand.


  • There is a myriad of options when you compare this with its equivalents in the market.
  • The configuration is a piece of cake.


  • Transmission can be weak.

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Technical Details

You do not need to assemble anything here. You just place it outside and create the connection. Then, it just starts to work.

The tablet is quite good for handling. It measures 3.6 inches by width and 6.6 inches by height. It roughly weighs 0.8 lbs so it means it is lightweight.

The whole pack of units works with batteries. The display needs 3 AA batteries while the sensor works with 2 AA. When you unbox, you will not have batteries in the pack. So, you should buy it on your own.

The outside sensor’s materials are weather-resistant. The durability is guaranteed under a wide spectrum of weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog, overcast or snowstorm. So, you should not worry about the safety of your sensor under any circumstances.


  • The installment is ready-made and everything is lightweight
  • Durability is the last thing this weather station fails along with the fact it does not consume much energy.


  • Some more expensive stations have some ring bells for different situations. This could have had it as well.

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Buyer reviews and comments on the La Crosse Technology C85845

The C85845 has great feedback on Amazon with an average of 4.4 stars. Aside from what we pointed out, people liked the packaging, price/performance ratio. It seems La Crosse Technology’s simplistic design applies to their packaging as well. Another thing that people talked up is their clear instructions in the product manual.

The last thing both we and other clients absolutely loved is the easy-to-read display. The accuracy of the temperature and forecast is also worth praising.

However, it is not all flying colors, of course. The clients who bought this product also criticized it for not getting enough support from the customer service.

Personally, I had to try to pair several times before successfully pairing.


  • It is a price/performance monster if you are looking for an affordable weather station.
  • Instructions are crystal clear in guidance.


  • The pairing process can cause minor problems.

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In essence, if you are looking for a weather station that is affordable, well-designed, and simplistic, La Crosse Technology C85845 is your thing. So, if you want to buy a starter weather station for your kid, a gift for your weather-enthusiast spouse or friend, it is a good choice.

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