Sangean MMR 88 Review

Keeping a track of the weather is essential, especially if you are going out. Before heading out for a regular day at work, you can check the weather through your phone. However, if you are going camping, then you might need a more reliable source. For starters, phones cannot provide accurate weather readings. Moreover, you never know to begin with that when you’re out in the wilderness you’ll even have phone reception or not. To make sure that you prepare yourself for the unthinkable, buying a weather radio is one of the best investments you can make.

There are many weather radios on the market. However, in this particular article, we’re going to cover the Sangean MMR 88 crank radio. In case you’re wondering what’s the difference between a crank and a weather radio, then don’t worry as they’re both pretty much the same. Both of them are used to provide you with insights on the latest weather alerts to keep you updated with your surroundings.

With that said, how does MMR88 fare against other modern weather radios that you see nowadays? Let’s dive in to learn everything you need to know about it!


  • Quick charging battery
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • Great reception quality scores
  • Water-resistant casing
  • Durable and easily withstands harsh weather conditions
  • Has a siren in case of emergencies
  • The battery is chargeable with a solar panel
  • 90-minute standby timer to preserve battery
  • Clear audio quality


  • Outdated model so it doesn’t have modern features
  • Lacks aesthetic appearance

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Build and Appearance

In a weather radio, durability is one of the most essential factors. The whole point of purchasing a weather device is to keep you updated regardless of where you are. Therefore, it is safe to say that weather radios are often used in harsh environments and extreme weather conditions. If they’re not durable enough, then they would just be an extra burden to carry. You would constantly be worried about keeping the radio safe.

Therefore, in terms of durability, MMR86 fares quite well. In fact, in the past, the majority of the products were made to last. There’s a chance that you may still have an old radio that your grandpa purchased which still looks as good as new. In comparison, most modern radios are not able to keep up for that long.

In terms of aesthetic appeal, however, you can’t expect too much. The outdated design of this radio isn’t really too pretty to look at. It has a dull yellow colour that clearly tells that MMR-88 was manufactured quite some time ago. But then again, as long as it does its job rights and provides you with accurate weather readings, we believe, the looks can be ignored.


Most people use weather radios at campsites. Therefore, the last thing you would want is for your radio to have a bad battery. Perhaps when buying a weather radio, battery plays the biggest role. So do not worry because we’ve personally tested the battery of MMR88 and it can last quite long. You can continuously use this radio on full volume for up to 6 hours until it drains out.

Furthermore, it can also charge pretty fast because, in less than 3 hours, the battery will again, reach its full capacity. And the icing on the cake is that MMR88 is also chargeable via solar panels. Overall, if you plan to take this radio to camp, then rest assured, you wouldn’t face any battery issues.

Reception Quality

The whole point of an emergency radio is to keep you updated with your surroundings. Thus, if you want to receive quick weather alerts then do not worry as MMR88 also has an above-average reception quality. There’s certainly room for improvement in this department, but considering how old this radio is, it isn’t a bad bargain.

With that said, we compared the reception quality of MMR88 to some of the modern radios today. If you exclude the high-end radios, then we would say that the reception quality of MMR88 can easily compete with the radios of today.

Emergency Features

You never know what may happen while camping. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a pinch then MMR88 also has an emergency siren. Simply, turn the volume to full and people are prone to see and hear the sound of your siren even from far away.

Furthermore, the radio is also water-resistant with an IPX3 rating. This is quite impressive, especially considering it is an old radio. So if the weather is rainy, you wouldn’t have to constantly worry about keeping the radio safe. But do not intentionally put it out in the rain for too long.

Charging Ports

There are a variety of ways to charge the radio, with one of them through a USB cable. There’s a USB port given that you can connect to your computer or your car or even a wall plug. However, keep in mind to keep the volume low if you want its battery to last longer.

Audio Quality

Perhaps one of the key selling points of this radio and why it became so popular was its audio quality. Even when you compare the audio quality of MMR88 to modern radios, it will do quite well. We would even go as far as to say that the audio quality of this radio can easily replace low-budget portable speakers. When you have a look at other old crank radios, then the good audio quality was often a factor that wasn’t there. So MMR88 certainly nailed it in this aspect.

Customer Support

The downside is that there isn’t any dedicated forum where you can read the experiences of other MMR88 users. However, if you’re ordering it from a third-party website, then you can instead, read what other users have to say there. The good thing is that Sangean provides a 1-year warranty for MMR88 and if It’s too confusing to operate for you then you can also download an online user manual.

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Final Verdict – Is Sangean MMR-88 Worth It?

You are surely going to find a number of options for modern radios nowadays. However, if you prefer going old school then do not worry because MMR88 is still one of the best crank radios out there. When you’re camping, you need to buy a radio that’s not only sturdy and durable but also offers a good battery time and reception quality at the same time. MMR-88 ticks the box for all these things and the fact that it also offers water resistance makes it a great rival in front of modern radios as well.

So if you were confused that whether you should purchase Sangaen MMR88 or not, then it’s certainly worth the money. This radio will make your campsite experience much safer, and also, provide you with the support you need in dire situations. Moreover, you can also conveniently use it for simply staying updated with the weather alerts even if you are not going anywhere.

We hope after reading this review, you now know everything about MMR-88 and will be able to make the right decision!