Sony ICF-SW7600GR Pocketable Shortwave Radio

When you are looking for a shortwave radio, you might be considering buying a Sony model. The ICF-SW7600GR is an affordable pocketable shortwave receiver that is also an FM/AM radio. The design of the ICF-T46 radio makes it a popular choice among shortwave radio enthusiasts. Its minimalist design and high power and intensity of radio broadcasting make it a top choice, especially when compared to other models.


If you are a frequent traveler, you can easily listen to world broadcasts with the Sony ICF-SW7600GR short wave radio. It features a synthesized twelve-band tuner, dual alarms, and world time conversion, which makes it the perfect travel companion. In addition, it can store up to 100 preset stations. The portable radio is also compact, making it easy to store in any travel bag.

It features a titanium-coloured case and one hundred memory channels. It also has two clocks, one for MW and another for LW. The display is large enough to make it easy to read the information on the screen. The radio also features FM, MW, and SW frequencies, making it a versatile choice. The receiver’s memory capacity is 3050 stations. Its 3-watt 40-mm speaker has a 4 Ohm impedance and delivers clear sound. You can also use headphones to listen to music in quiet places.

The dual conversion and microprocessor-controlled ICF-SW7600GR offers a range of useful features. It has a multifunction LCD digital readout for tuning, as well as arrow keys for direct access. You can also use its memory to set up an alarm to remind you to tune in. The radio’s frequency range spans 150 to 29999 kHz. It also comes with a carrying pouch for added protection.


The Sony ICF-7600D shortwave radio is a popular general-coverage portable receiver. It features direct keypad tuning and a multifunction LCD digital readout. It tunes from 150 to 29995 kHz and supports single-sideband reception. Its small size and streamlined design make it a practical choice for traveling and everyday listening. Its predecessor, the ICF-2002, was marketed in the US as the ICF-7500.

The ICF-7600D was an improved version of the original, but lacked the ‘A”s high dynamic range. It was more expensive than its predecessor, but sold half a million units worldwide. It was ahead of its time, and even received an internal update in 1984. The ICF-7600D was subsequently replaced by the ICF-2003. This radio remains an excellent choice, especially for amateurs who use it for communications purposes.

The first model of the Sony ICF-7600D was discontinued in 2018. The successor to the ICF-7600, the ICF-SW7600GR, was released a year later. It was discontinued along with the ICF-SW35 because of slow sales. Both models were part of the analog series, which featured fully analog tuning. It had dual conversion and single conversion designs, with the first IF at 10.7 MHz, which was used for FM broadcast reception.

The Sony ICF-7600D has a digital readout of 5 kHz, 10 memories, and a clock / timer. It can be operated by 6 AA batteries or by connecting to a 6-Volt adapter. Besides these features, the radio also has an RF generator to test the radio’s frequency. The AM 2nd IF VCXO adjustment is located on T 11.


The Sony ICF-7600D shortwave radio is one of the most popular and iconic shortwave receivers ever produced by the Japanese company. Originally released in 1983, this compact, dual-conversion receiver was one of the first shortwave radios to be made in Europe. This model is famous for its direct access tuning keypad and multifunction LCD digital readout, as well as ten memories. It tunes from 150 to 29995 kHz and supports single sideband reception.

The ICF-7600DS was Sony’s first shortwave radio. The original model was called the ICF-7600DA and was a completely different receiver than the ICF-7600DS. Eventually, European Sony dealers sought permission to market the new model under the ICF-7700 brand, but the company refused. This model had a digital readout and a complex liquid crystal display, but suffered from a number of design flaws. The receiver’s frequency display was difficult to read, and the radio could not tune in steps finer than 5 kHz.

Besides having a manual, the ICF-7600DS features a telescopic antenna and a 5-kHz digital readout. This radio also has 10 memory channels and a clock/timer. The unit’s antenna is a ferrite loopstick and telescopic. Despite its compact size, the Sony ICF-7600DS shortwave radio is still one of the most popular options in the market.


The Sony ICF-7600GR shortwave radio comes with a synthesized 12-band tuner and up to 100 presets. With these features, this radio is the perfect travel companion. Additionally, it comes with a dual alarm and world time conversion. The ICF-7600GR features a high-sensitivity audio amplifier and is water-resistant. Its compact size, lightweight, and easy-to-use controls make it an excellent choice for travelers.

The -7600GR is smaller than its predecessor. It comes with a carrying case and a user’s manual in six languages. It is portable and does not require batteries. It can also be purchased with optional accessories depending on your region of the world. Its speaker is rated at 380 mW with ten percent distortion and its controls include power and hold keys. The radio is also equipped with standard SONY time and frequency change keys.

The Sony ICF-7600GR shortwave radio has been on the market for quite some time, but still has great qualities. It can pick up shortwave, longwave, and FM stations, and is capable of receiving morse code. It also includes a 3.5mm headphone jack and a portable speaker. The Sony ICF-7600GR shortwave radio can be purchased from Sony online. It is an excellent choice for amateur radio users who want to enjoy listening to the radio without being tied down to a computer.


The Sony ICF-SW7800GR short wave radio comes with a wind-up antenna and includes a carrying case and earphone. It weighs 1.5 lbs and has three preset tuning cards. Its features include dual timers and a digital quartz clock. The Timer A and B functions enable the radio audio to be turned on or off automatically. Neither function requires an external power source, and it uses four AA batteries or six VDC.

Designed for frequent ham radio use, this digital portable shortwave receiver is easy to carry around and provides high-quality sound. Its high-resolution display can display stations at five kHz, and its Card-Tuning system automatically tunes the station when you insert a tuning card. Three pre-programmed tuning cards are included. The radio can tune from 150 to 29999 kHz. Moreover, it offers a five-way tuning mechanism, and is also user-friendly and compact.


The Sony ICF-SW800GR is a compact, lightweight shortwave radio that can receive up to 1.3 MHz. This radio runs on three AA batteries and comes with an earphone, earpiece adapter, 3 preset tuning cards, a clock card, and a AN-61 compact antenna. The radio weighs about 1.5 pounds, but it cannot receive the AM medium wave band. It is similar to the Sony ICF-SW700 that is distributed in Japan, but it does receive the FM band.

This compact radio is capable of tuning from 150 to 29995 kHz. Its multifunction LCD digital readout and direct access tuning allow you to tune the radio to a specific station quickly and easily. This unit also offers 22 memories and tunes from 150 to 29995 kHz. Its compact design means that it can easily be carried from place to place. Sony has made this shortwave radio with the user’s comfort in mind.