Storm Glass Barometers: All You Need to Know in 2021

Despite having such a big impact on our daily lives, the weather is mostly an unpredictable force. While our sophisticated weather forecast systems have become quite accurate, they are never quite spot on. As a result, many people are still invested in predicting the weather more accurately.

There may be something intrinsically pleasing about predicting the forces of nature and using them to your advantage. Your news channel may have a weather segment but paying attention to that can be quite a challenge. Don’t you wish there was some way you could predict the weather yourself?

Weather enthusiasts would be delighted to know that there is indeed a way to predict the weather without much forecasting experience. Skip the weatherman on your TV screens and go for a storm glass barometer instead.

What Is a Storm Glass Barometer?

A storm glass barometer is also known simply as a storm glass or a weather glass. It’s an instrument that is known to predict the weather to a certain degree of accuracy. A storm glass is made up of a glass tube that contains a mixture of different chemicals including potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride, and camphor with water and alcohol. As a result of all these chemicals, white crystals periodically grow and dissolve in the barometer. The different intricate shapes of the crystals formed are supposed to indicate different kinds of weather conditions. For instance, the crystals may form tiny flakes or turn into a large mass of feathery structures.

The concept of weather predicting storm glass dates back to the late 18th century. The instrument rose to fame as notable scientific figures such as Michael Faraday, Robert Fitzroy, and Charles Tomlinson started experimenting with it. As a result of his experiments, Fitzroy, who was a meteorologist, vouched for the instrument’s accuracy in his Weather Book. Due to his firm belief in its workings, the storm glass also came to be known as the Fitzroy storm glass.

Despite Fitzroy’s convictions, his peers were not convinced about the efficacy of the instrument. For example, Tomlinson was particularly sceptical about the storm glass’s ability to predict the weather. He concluded that the chemicals inside the glass were only sensitive to heat. As a result, the storm glass could only be used as a low-functioning thermometer. According to further research by Japanese scientists, crystal structures are indeed formed due to temperature changes.

Top Storm Glass Barometers in the Market

1. Eon Concepts LED Wood-Base Teardrop Storm Glass

Apart from being a scientific marvel, this storm glass barometer from Eon Concepts is a captivating and beautifully crafted piece of art. With a stunning tear-drop shape and a wooden base with LEDs, this tear-drop storm glass is sure to turn a few heads.

The LED lights can change colours with the press of a button, creating a truly remarkable look for your decorative purposes. Apart from its many physical attributes, the storm glass predicts weather as well as any other. If you’re someone who wants some flexibility, the Eon concepts storm glass comes in three different sizes. The larger glass fits perfectly in areas where you wish to make a statement. On the other hand, the more compact version is ideal for your bedside table.


  • Sleek and stunning tear-drop shape
  • Flexible size choices of small, medium, and large
  • Highly concentrated liquid to predict the weather
  • Easy to use with USB plug-in feature
  • Light-changing LED with the press of a button
  • Makes for a great present and decorative ornament


  • Not highly effective at predicting the weather
  • Build quality could be improved

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2. The G GGPower Storm Glass Barometer

The G GGPower storm glass barometer is an elegant and sturdy contender. With a firm wooden base and tear-drop shape, this storm glass achieves a distinctly Nordic look. The high-quality glass shows the crystal precipitation clearly so you don’t miss a thing. The base has an ergonomic design with a dip that firmly holds the glass to avoid breakage. The design and build are subtle enough to fit right into any interior.

If you’re looking for a standard storm glass with an unobstructed view of all the action, this one is definitely for you. The instrument comes in a large selection of sizes including small, medium, large, and extra-large. Another plus is the warranty that comes with this product. The seller promises a quick response from customer support and a three-month warranty.


  • Highly affordable
  • Sturdy design that avoids any breakage and wobbling
  • Three-month warranty
  • Four distinct sizes including small, medium, large, and extra-large
  • Elegant teardrop shape made of high-quality glass.


  • Not too scientifically effective at telling the weather
  • Simplistic design
  • No LED lights or other high-tech features

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3. Lily’s Home Storm Glass and Galileo Thermometer

Lily’s Home has created a storm glass barometer with its own unique flare. While the others on this list may be simple and elegant, this one is ready to make a statement. Taking a step away from the traditional storm glass model, Lily’s Home storm glass has a built-in Galileo thermometer and a fun look. One tube of the piece contains the storm glass mixture while the other acts as a decorative piece with five colourful spheres.

Lily’s Home barometer is definitely more than just a simple storm glass. Along with the usual storm glass solution, it features a precision quartz clock and analogue hygrometer for higher precision. The hygrometer enables users to check humidity levels while predicting the weather. The storm glass is ideal for indoor settings with a temperature range of 64F to 80F. The best part? It can also double as a desk clock. With a clock, Galileo thermometer, and storm glass barometer all wrapped up into one attractive package, this product is definitely a sweet deal.


  • Multipurpose with a Galileo thermometer, clock, and barometer
  • Interesting look that makes a statement
  • Highly flexible as it can also double as a desk clock
  • Sleek cherrywood finish
  • Perfect for gifting and decorating purposes


  • Not too subtle might be too much for simpler tastes
  • Comes in one size which might be too small for some

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4. AcuRite Glass Globe Barometer

AcuRite Glass Globe barometer really sets itself apart with its unique design. It comes with a solid wooden base that holds a tube littered with colourful spheres and a glass globe. The glass globe has a map etched onto it and acts as the barometer. This completely innovative design makes this storm glass look like a decorative piece.

While your guests may think this is purely for show, the barometer does work as well as any other storm glass. If that wasn’t convincing enough, each of the spheres inside the tube can act as thermometers. The colourful liquid in the spheres rise and fall with atmospheric changes as well.


  • Unique design with a miniature glass globe that acts as a barometer
  • Compact design
  • Functional yet perfect for decorating
  • Includes thermometer bulbs that float beautifully in the liquid


  • Complicated design that does not represent a traditional storm glass

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5. Cavallo Mercantile Tear-drop Storm Glass

The teardrop storm glass from Cavallo Mercantile can be an elegant and subtle addition to your interiors. If you are a weather geek and have an eye for good decorative pieces, this is the right storm glass for you. Not only does it have a simple yet sweet design, but it is also functional and quite durable.

The solid dark-wood base complements the crystal clear glass that encases the liquid. The glass gives you a full view of all the beautiful crystal formations so you don’t miss any subtle transformations. While this one may be simple, it has a lot of character and is ideal for someone actually interested in observing small atmospheric and temperature changes.


  • Simple yet functional design
  • Fits right into your interiors
  • High-quality, clear glass gives an uninterrupted view of crystals


  • The design is not unique
  • It does not have any LEDs or other additions

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6. GM GMISS Drop Storm Glass

The storm glass by GM GMISS is another water droplet-shaped storm glass barometer that deserves a mention on the list. The instrument comes in five distinct sizes of small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large. This is a wide choice range that is not readily available in other brands of barometers.

The storm glass is quite straightforward which is perhaps why it is also quite affordable. If you are someone who has a minimalist aesthetic, this will fit right in. Its light wood base gives it a light and airy Nordic feel that will spruce up your desk or side table. Whether it be your bedroom, living room, or office, this storm glass will surely make an elegant addition.


  • Minimalistic, Nordic design
  • Sturdy and functional
  • Can withstand some wear and tear
  • Shows a clear view of the intricate white crystals within it
  • Good size range


  • Takes a while to stabilise
  • The design is quite simple without any interesting additions

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7. Stanley London Hand Blown Weather Glass Barometer

Fans of Victorian-era décor will find the Stanley London storm glass to be absolutely enchanting. With its handblown glass filled to the brim with coloured that rises and falls to indicate the temperature. Unlike other storm glasses in its category, this one does not predict the weather through crystals. Instead, the level of the liquid changed with changes in the atmospheric pressure, indicating different weather conditions.

Many have claimed that this sort of barometer is more accurate when it comes to predicting the weather. The attractive design that this comes with is definitely a plus. With a wooden base and vintage look, this barometer is sure to catch the attention of your guests.


  • Vintage design with a charming wooden base
  • A liquid barometer that accurately depicts atmospheric changes
  • Colourful liquid makes it look very charming
  • Can be mounted on a wall


  • Does not predict the weather through crystals
  • Needs to be mounted and cannot be placed on a desk
  • An old-fashioned design that is not contemporary

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Picking the right storm glass is all about realising what you need in one. Needless to say, the storm glass barometer may not be the most scientifically sound instrument for weather prediction. Despite that, watching the admiral Fitzroy storm glass function is nothing short of fascinating. People with a keen interest in science and meteorology are bound to fall in love with this mesmerising instrument.

If you’re someone who likes to plan ahead or has a passion for studying weather patterns, having one of these by your side comes in handy. These nifty pieces can also look amazing on your desk, side table, or wall. So, if you’re looking for some weather forecasting or just a conversation starter, buy a storm glass barometer now to make life more interesting.

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