The Best Hygrometer For Humidor

There are several different types of hygrometers, and there are some that will work best for your humidor. Listed below are some of the most popular types. These include the Xikar hygrometer, the Inkbird ITH 10 and the SensorPush. The price range of these products is fairly wide, and each has a unique feature or function. Purchasing a humidor hygrometer is an important step in maintaining your cigars’ condition.

Xikar hygrometer

The Xikar hygrometer is similar to the traditional analog hygrometer, but it has a digital readout and a sticker back for easy mounting. This model measures from 30% to 99% relative humidity and offers +/-2% accuracy at 70% RH. It is easy to read and use, making it a useful tool in humidors of all types.

This round digital hygrometer from Xikar features a streamlined design and easy maintenance. It measures temperature and relative humidity in humidors, and displays readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It also has a back size and is perfect for humidors of all types, including those containing cigars. The Xikar hygrometer comes with one sensor, so you can monitor up to three humidors with one unit.

The Xikar hygrometer is an excellent option for monitoring the humidity level inside your humidor. The LCD display shows you the humidity level and temperature at a glance. It is easy to read and is powered by a battery. You don’t have to worry about losing any of your cigars, since this humidor monitoring tool will automatically alert you to the proper humidity level.

If you’re planning on using a hygrometer in your humidor, it’s best to purchase one with a USB port. These handy gadgets are also compatible with Bluetooth and WiFi. A wireless connection is also important, and the Xikar hygrometer is capable of this. It features an integrated WiFi connection and a smartphone app that you can use for real-time monitoring.

A digital hygrometer is another excellent option for maintaining humidity and temperature. Digital hygrometers can be mounted magnetically or are easily read on a computer. Some models can also be used remotely. A good digital hygrometer should be accurate to within 2%. And if you don’t want to spend money on a fancy digital model, a basic analog hygrometer is a great option.

Another digital hygrometer is the SensorPush. This hygrometer is capable of monitoring the humidity levels of your home and can be connected to any WiFi network. Its app also allows you to receive alerts if moisture levels exceed or fall below specified limits. It’s a good choice for beginners who have trouble maintaining humidity levels in their humidors. It provides accurate readings and updates every ten seconds.

Western Humidor’s Cigar Oasis

The Caliber series of hygrometers from Western Humidor has now been replaced by the Cigar Oasis hygrometer. Known as the most accurate hygrometer in the industry, Caliber was the first digital hygrometer for the cigar industry. Caliber III and Caliber IV now feature re-calibration options and updated packaging, but the same reliable performance.

The Caliber IV hygrometer from Western Humidor is an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike. Its high-sensitivity sensor ensures accurate readings of RH levels to within a mere one percent. It comes preloaded with factory calibration data for various cigars. Despite its low price, the Caliber IV is still a highly accurate hygrometer that is easy to use.

The Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 humidifier offers a sealed design for maximum protection. It is suitable for any size humidor, as it will never over-humidify your humidor. It has an LCD display to display humidity, temperature and current set point. This hygrometer also comes with a magnetic mount, which makes it easy to mount and remove.

If you’re serious about preserving your cigar collection, the Western Humidor Cigar Oasis Thermometer and Hygrometer is a must-have. This simple digital unit measures temperature and humidity, and comes with a convenient battery. This device fits easily into even the smallest humidor. Its size also allows it to be easily mounted anywhere – ideal for travelers or home-makers alike.

Inkbird ITH 10

The Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer ITH-10 by Inkbird is ultra-thin and displays both the temperature and humidity simultaneously. It also memorizes maximum and minimum values and switches between F and C modes. This compact thermometer is a great choice for the humidor, guitar case, office, green house, labs, and household. It has a super-thin design and a waterproof case that makes it a perfect humidor companion.

The Inkbird ITH 10 is one of the most popular hygrometers on the market. Its LCD display is easy to read and displays the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. This hygrometer does not have a magnetic system or adhesive backing, which means that you have to stick it to the base of your humidor. If you plan to use your humidor to store cigars, this device is not the best choice.

The Inkbird ITH 10 hygrimeter for humidor is an excellent choice, but you can also purchase a digital version, which is more accurate than an analog python-based one. The digital hygrometer is more expensive than an analog hygrometer, but it does come with an easy-to-use adhesive pad. Another great feature of this humidor hygrometer is the three-day average it shows. You can even adjust the humidity level inside the humidor by turning it in a corner away from the reservoir.

The Inkbird ITH 10 hygrimeter is a digital indoor thermometer that displays temperature and humidity at the same time. It features a built-in Swiss sensor for sensitivity and memory functions, and it can switch between F and C mode. The digital hygrometer can display temperatures up to 34°F or 99% RH, and it also comes with a double-sided tape and 4Lr44 batteries.

While not the cheapest model available, the Inkbird ITH 10 hyrometer for humidors offers excellent accuracy and is easy to calibrate. It is accurate to within 1% of the humidity level. It also comes with a magnetised back fitting and can be used for humidor monitoring. The Inkbird ITH 10 hygrometer for humidor


While the Boveda Butler and SensorPush rely on analog technology, the former is designed to be magnetically mounted on the humidor lid. They both sync with an app to provide real-time temperature and humidity readings. These humidor monitoring devices are compatible with premium cigars and use a calibration kit from Bovedas. The SensorPush, however, is much more accurate.

This humidor monitoring tool is very easy to set up, but if you’d like to connect it to your smartphone, you’ll have to get the free SensorPush Gateway. It will connect to your smartphone and display data on your phone. The sensor’s battery life is quite impressive – up to one year. You can even set up push notifications, which are sent to your phone through text messages. If you don’t open your humidor often, this feature could be a lifesaver. In addition, the SensorPush has a line-of-sight Bluetooth range of over 300 feet.

This digital humidor hygrometer has an analog and digital display, but it’s also quite accurate. It can track humidity changes for up to three days. Unlike the SensorPush, this model will not cause you headaches. It will tell you whether you should replace the battery or not, and it will let you know when it needs replacing. But be warned: digital hygrometers have high prices.

For more advanced humidor monitoring, the SensorPush Wireless Thermometer & Hygrometer can be used with your smartphone. It’s designed for accurate home temperature and humidity readings, and its app lets you read the data. As an added bonus, it syncs with your phone via Bluetooth. Then, you can read your data from anywhere with your smartphone! It also works with Android devices.

The accuracy of the Analog Hygrometers is higher than the Digital Hygrometers, and some cigar enthusiasts claim that premium analog models have better precision. On the other hand, the Analog Hygrometer requires monthly calibration, which can affect its accuracy. As a result, analog hygrometers can easily lose accuracy over time. The most important factor in humidor hygrometers is their high accuracy.