The WS-2902C Stratus Rain Gauge

A stratus rain gauge is an excellent tool for gauging the amount of precipitation in a certain area. Made from heavy-duty UV-resistant polycarbonate, this rain gauge can measure a full 11 inches of precipitation. The inner measuring tube is graduated to one hundredth of an inch, and the outer cylinder collects rain that is over one inch. It also features a funnel for collecting snow and sleet.


Whether you’re planning a rainy weekend or need to know the current rainfall totals, a WS-2902C stratus rain gauge is the perfect option. Its high-quality polycarbonate display measures rain accumulation down to 0.1 inches. This device’s built-in temperature sensor measures humidity levels and transmits data every 60 seconds, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Unlike other rain gauges, the WS-2902C stratus rain gauge is ideal for locations with varying precipitation. Its metal casing develops a rustic patina as the years pass. The rain gauge’s collection tube must be held level to collect rainwater; if not, it will be overwhelmed by snow and windblown debris. The gauge’s cylinder is designed with markings every 0.1 inches, giving you the most accurate reading possible.

Another feature of the WS-2902C stratus rain gauge is IFTTT support. You can set up any smart devices that need information from the rain gauge to be triggered based on its data. Farmers and gardeners will find the WS-2902C useful because of its IFTTT support. However, if you’re on a budget, a much more affordable option is the ECOWITT WH5360B high precision wireless rain gauge.

WS-2902C stratus rain gauge comes with a mounting bracket that allows you to stake the device into the ground. It is also easy to mount on a fence or wall. The rain gauge’s acrylic material is intended to withstand weather conditions, but it can discolor if it is in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Whether you want to measure snowfall or rain, WS-2902C stratus rain gauge is the perfect choice.

In addition to the features of a high-quality, affordable rain gauge, you may also want to invest in a water-resistant one. These rain gauges are also easy to clean. These units feature extra-large displays, a debris guard, and a visibility float for easy access to the data. Despite its poor accuracy, the WS-2902C stratus rain gauge is a good option if you need a reliable gauge for your home.

The WS-2902C stratus rain gauge measures rainfall by measuring the height of water in its reservoir. The WS-2902C stratus rain gauge comes with mounting brackets, and some require mounting on a roof. Regardless of the type of rain gauge you buy, you should place it in a location that is both accessible and unobstructed. If you’re installing one in a small flat-roofed shed, the best place for it is on a porch or deck.

A WS-2902C stratus rain and snow gauge is an essential part of any home meteorological tool kit. This rain gauge is ideal for measuring precipitation in a variety of locations, including coastal and mountainous areas. In addition to measuring rainfall, it also measures snowfall. This gauge holds up to 11″ of water and can even measure snowfall to 1/100th inch! The WS-2902C stratus rain gauge comes with a mounting bracket and is made of UV-resistant ABS plastic.

If you want a more accurate reading, you can buy a weighing rain gauge. This type of gauge measures both time and depth, which is essential for meteorological monitoring. However, it can also measure other types of precipitation. However, it is expensive and requires frequent maintenance. For those on a tight budget, you can opt for an ECOWITT WH5360B High Precision Wireless Digital Rain Gauge.

Another consideration is the display. While rain gauges are often open buckets with a consistent cross section, meteorologists use more sophisticated instruments to measure liquid water. In order to avoid false alarms and to ensure accuracy, you should install the gauge at least two feet off the ground, on a pole. The pole should be level, and the rain gauge should be level. If you need to place it on a roof, make sure you level it to avoid damage.


The WS-2902 stratus rain gauge is an electronic device that measures rainfall in the form of liquid droplets down to 0.1 inch. It transmits its latest data every 49 seconds. The interior display shows the total amount of rain that has fallen in the past 24 hours, week, month, and year. It also shows the current temperature and humidity in the room where it is installed. This makes it convenient to monitor indoor and outdoor weather conditions.

This device is made of UV-resistant ABS plastic and is designed to be staked into the ground. The WS-2902 is also available in a wall-mount version and can be hung from a fence. Its acrylic construction is designed to withstand rainy weather, but it will eventually discolor due to excessive exposure to sunlight. If you’re unsure about whether or not your rain gauge will withstand harsh weather conditions, be sure to check with your local meteorologist before installing it.

The WS-2902 stratus rain gauge comes with a funnel-shaped lid for measuring rain. The outer bucket has a 10-inch capacity and can hold 11 inches of measure rain. The inner tube measures one inch of water and spills over into the larger bucket. Its simple design means that it’s easy to read and will save you time. And with its convenient quick-connect bracket, you won’t have to worry about stowing it away in a closet or cupboard.

If you’re concerned about rain outdoors, this analog rain gauge has the best features for you. Its accuracy is within 5% of actual rainfall. The ECOWITT rain gauge is easy to set up and read, and it stores two years of rain records for you. Moreover, it also displays indoor temperature and humidity. These factors are crucial for preparing for the next big storm. These devices also come with a mounting bracket for easier placement.

Another rain gauge that offers an affordable price is the AcuRite Easy-Read rain gauge. It costs under $10 and can measure five inches at a time. Its white markings are magnified by 35% when water falls on it. The error in measurements will add up over time, especially if it’s raining more heavily. If you’re a farmer, this is the best option. For everyone else, the ECOWITT WH5360B High Precision Wireless Digital Rain Gauge is a great buy.

The WS-2902 stratus rain gauge is another excellent option. It has an impressive feature set, including a display for the rain. It is also convenient for measuring the amount of snow that has fallen on your property. In the winter, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates that an inch of rain can be equivalent to up to 50 inches of snow. With a high-quality rain gauge, you won’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by snowfall.

This device is also compatible with the WS-2902. Unlike the WS-2902, this device has a programmable rain alarm that allows you to set an alarm when you feel that you’re at risk of flooding. It features easy-to-read white numbers with inch markings and is constructed of durable weather-resistant acrylic. You can also read the numbers easily with the 3-inch bright LCD screen.

There are two main types of rain gauges: manual and digital. The manual model is simpler to use, and is a cheaper option. However, it does not require the presence of the user. The WS-2902 stratus rain gauge features a “tipping bucket” construction. The rain is funneled into small cups, which tip back when they reach a certain weight. This amount is equivalent to about 0.01 inches of water.

If you plan on installing the rain gauge on your own property, you can mount it on a fence post or on a post. It is important to keep the rain gauge on a platform high enough to prevent water from splashing over the edge. Moreover, the WS-2902 stratus rain gauge is a convenient and accurate instrument for monitoring the rain in your garden. It can help you decide whether or not to run your sprinkler system based on rainfall.