WeatherFlow Smart Home Weather Station Review

There are thousands of different weather stations on the market but impossible to choose the correct one? Not anymore. Here is our WeatherFlow Smart Home weather station review.

What is a weather station, anyway?

I like it when people ask me about how I got this hobby in the first place. Well, I have been a weather enthusiast all my life but when I bought my first weather station, I understood that I love spending my spare time on climate and weather issues.

All right, a weather station is a set of instruments designed to measure the weather. They are usually owned by public or private companies but people who know how they work also know they are usually inaccurate. Why are they not accurate? Easy. Because those stations are usually miles away from you. Once, I asked a company where is the nearest station after giving my coordinates. They simply said that it was 40 miles away from me. This was one of the companies that have the largest station networks.

Is a personal weather station suitable for you only because you are a weather buff? Nope. You may want to maximize plant growth in your garden. Alternatively, you may merely want to learn the weather conditions in your environment. So, let’s check one of the best weather stations in the market.

WeatherFlow Smart Home Weather Station

WeatherFlow Smart Home Weather Station

WeatherFlow has been revolutionizing the weather industry with the technological developments it offered. I think their stations are the only weather stations that apply propriety Continuous Learning algorithms. So, the stations automatically calibrate their calculations and measurements daily and polish the forecast accuracy day after another.

The station has great design and design features. It seems that their designers knocked it out of the park. This product is similar to the most professional weather stations and some of the features it has even outplay them.


There are no moving parts to wear out even though having a simple installation. You feel the simplicity even in the unboxing part. There are the “Sky” sensor, “Air” sensor, a hub, and pole mounting brackets in the box. It also comes with a solar panel attachment, charger, and lastly, a USB cable. There are “Amazon Basics” batteries included in the pack. The solar panel accessory is for the Sky sensor.

I am tech-savvy myself; however, after unboxing I let my kids assemble the device as it was too easy and they were so eager. It took less than twenty minutes for them to read the manual and erect the sensors. Right after the completion of setting up, devices connect one another and goes online.


  • It is the easiest device that can ever be installed. In other words, it is definitely a piece of cake.
  • The modernistic design it employs is a pleasure.


  • Sometimes it has some issues with connection but after a router reset it works well.

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WeatherFlow weather stationFirst of all, it has an insane range of wireless operations up to 1000 feet. For the comparison, my previous professional weather station had about 500 feet of transmission range. So, signal quality is never going to be an issue with this weather station.

It has one of the most accurate sonic anemometers that I have ever seen. The WeatherFlow Smart Home weather station measures even the slightest breeze. It shows a well-working lightning detector. Again, as a comparison, my previous detector was a bit off after using it for some time. It was even showing lightning when it was a clear sky.

Automatic calibration fine-tunes sensors every day while its unique Continuous learning system excels at forecasts in time. If you want to connect your device to “Weather Underground”.

Another feature is for the places that do not have many sunny days in a year. There is an extra battery department that allows a backup in case there are consecutive days with no sunlight directly. This backup battery department requires 2 AA batteries.

The only thing I did not like is that the rain sensor can be inaccurate from time to time but not the worst case.


  • The transmission range feels like you will never lose the signal.
  • Continuous Learning system makes sure that the sensors are up to date.


  • Rain gauge is sometimes not accurate but it corrects itself later on.

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The sky is basically the outdoor sensor of the WeatherFlow Smart Home Weather Station. You simply mount it outdoors and you are good to go.

What does it measure? Well, almost everything. Indeed, it measures wind speed and direction, and solar radiation. Moreover, thanks to its solar sensors, it calculates UV index and Brightness levels along with the solar radiance.

Lastly, the rain gauge measures the rain intensity, duration, and accumulation. So, it is much easier to know the precipitation level around your home.

A friend of mine asked for a piece of advice for a good anemometer because he is a surfer in Florida. I suggested this weather station as it has the most accurate results in the long term.


You just place this sensor outside and you will get its data right away.

It measures the likes of outdoor and humidity. Another calculation takes place in its barometer which measures atmospheric pressure. It also assesses heat index, dew point and air density which are used for calculating “Feels Like” temperature.

The lightning sensor that I mentioned before is also here in the AIR sensor.

Wi-Fi Hub

Thanks to its Wi-Fi Hub, you do not need a computer to publish your data online. You simply plug the USB and it connects to the internet. With this connection, you can synchronize your Alexa assistant or Google Home assistant with the device. So, you simply ask your Alexa and your smart weather station will tell you.


To wrap up our WeatherFlow Smart Home Weather Station review, I think this device is a state of art. I mean, does it not have any defects? Of course, there are some. However, it just exceeded my expectations. If you have some confusion, I would pick WeatherFlow over the others.

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